A need for open source splitwise alternative

KM Koushik,

Splitwise doesn't need an introduction. It's a popular app for managing shared expenses. It's advertised as a free tool but they slowly started charging money for very basic features like adding more than 3 expenses in a day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with products charging money. After all, splitwise is a very good product and lot's of effort has been put on the product. But the problem is locking you after you've used the product for a long time and charge for features that doesn't convert to the value they provide.

I will happily pay for the pro features, but this really frustrates me.

Okay, what now?

Creating an open source alternative is very important now. Any closed source alternative might do the same and I don't have any reason to believe otherwise. This will force us to create a better product and makes it hard to be evil. After all we will have an option to host the solution ourselves.

Splitpro is designed to be an drop in open source replacement for Splitwise with all the important features. And completely free to use.

  • ➕ Add expenses with an individual or groups.
  • 👥 Overall balances across the groups.
  • 💵 Multiple currency support
  • 📄 Upload expense bills
  • 📱 PWA support
  • ✂️ Split expenses unequally (share, percentage, exact amounts)
  • 🔔 Push notification
  • ✅ Settle up expenses
  • 📲 Import data from Splitwise

Will you make it paid?

Any existing features will not be paid. But I have plans to introduce paid features which are not core for this product. This is mainly to fund this project.

How are you running it for free?

I working on a full time job and this is my side project. Even with very high usage, splitrpo won't cost more than $100 a month. I currently can afford this. As I said earlier I will add some paid pro features / open up donations to fund the project.

How can I help?

Very simple! Use the product, share it with your friends and give feedback. If you want to contribute, head to our github (opens in a new tab) repo and open a PR.